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I love to cook and to experiment with flavours, but wouldn’t dream of doing so without tasting dishes as I go along.

When I’m training people – I’m a technologist, not a teacher – I do the same. I put something out there and then check that it’s truly understood.

So why is formative assessment and the frequent checking of every student’s progress and understanding not an every day, every class, every teacher activity?

To some extent it is – every good teacher asks questions, though not all have the benefit of technology to assist in reviewing responses or to capture student understanding in the moment.

The availability of supporting technology is not the real issue – the growth of 1-1 devices in classrooms continues at a pace in our schools – it’s having readily available, easy to use and trusted questions. All teachers can think of questions, but insightful questions with embedded feedback take considerable time and effort to create.

And that’s where Learning by Questions can help… it’s like having a set of tasting spoons right next to you as you cook. Until you stick in the spoon and have a taste, you’ll never know how to adjust and improve the recipe.

Dave Grosvenor

Education Programme Manager at Bowland Charitable Trust
Fascinated by curiosity - motivated by building - driven by deliveries.

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