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Since the Teacher Feedback Study began earlier this month, we’ve been regularly checking in with our teachers and finding out how they’ve been getting along.  Weeks 1&2 we headed back to the Wirral where Deputy Head Corinne Drysdale and Laurence Thomas of Rock Ferry Primary have already got more than they bargained for.

When we came to the training day we were a bit unsure what to expect. Our Head had suggested we go and we thought LbQ might be useful as a little starter, something we would trial short term and then forget about it. But it’s become the main chunk of what we’re doing now. We’ve both become really big fans.

Setting it up has been simple and we’ve been running LbQ with 3 tabs on the go which is great for differentiation, doing 3X, 6X and 7X tables. It’s fantastic to see the higher ability students flying, having a go at those deeper mastery level questions and the proof of what they’re capable is all saved. It’s also great for filling gaps in kids learning, identifying where the weakness is.

The kids love it. I set up a randomised Question Set so there could be no copying and I actually showed them the Teacher Dashboard. They were really motivated by seeing their progress and competing with each other. We’ve used Mathletics before now, but the children have all said that they prefer LbQ because they get the feedback AND get to have another go. Sometimes they’ll have another 4 goes!

It’s saving us so much time too. I get my planning done for the week on a Sunday night and there’s less marking. We still do some arithmetic in the book but we can use the LbQ scores as part of our assessment.
It’s our Pupil Progress Meeting in a few weeks and we definitely feel more armed with progress percentages and a clear view of whether we’re reaching our objectives for the term.

We will be catching up with Corinne and Laurence in a few months time to find out how that Pupil Progress Meeting went and finding out how Emma at Ribblesdale has used LbQ to discover a hidden gem. 

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