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Learning by Questions (LbQ), the new teaching and learning programme conceived by Ed-tech pioneer Tony Cann CBE (Founder of Promethean) has this week become the latest Launchpad Member of the much-respected trade body BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association).

LbQ has a team of thirty experienced educators who receive guidance from the Institute for Effective Education. It utilises ‘best practice’ pedagogy, cloud platform and curriculum aligned question sets during lessons. Questions are delivered to student devices along with automatic instant personalised feedback, self-paced private learning and real time analysis for teachers. No teacher marking!

Independent studies in both Maths and Grammar show that Learning by Questions could increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning by more than 25%.

The programme is due to be launched in Autumn 2018 after a rigorous £1million Teacher Feedback Study across the UK and is set to make educators lives much easier since maths questions are structured around mastery to which the Government pledged £41million in 2016.

A Beta program is on the way followed by full lift off in Autumn 2018, the Launchpad Membership of BESA represents the beginning of a great relationship between BESA and Learning by Questions from its infancy.

Patrick Hayes, the Director of BESA said “Learning by Questions is exciting. Led by a team with a proven track record in changing classroom dynamics across the globe and backed by further independent research, we are more than satisfied that they fully meet the criteria for membership. We welcome Learning by Questions and look forward to working with them.

Tony Cann, founder of Learning by Questions added “Educators are, by their nature, a community and BESA is a place where we can all come together, share ideas, hold each other up to certain standards and find solutions for future generations of Students and Teachers. Learning by Questions is very proud to be a member.”

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