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Learning by Questions is under scrutiny from over 100 Teachers in schools across 10 local authorities in the UK.

Launched this month the £1million Feedback Study is the culmination of ten years of pedagogical testing with guidance from the Institute for Effective Education. Independent research shows that Learning by Questions could boost learning by more than 25% and the next 12 months will be used to fine tune the programme for Teachers using it in the classroom.

As Tony explains: “In the past we’ve had success creating technology that can be adopted in schools. But we were disappointed because it did not improve learning as much as we hoped. It did not change the ‘teach from the front’ culture. Learning by Questions allows Teachers to move around the classroom, with total visibility of how every learner is progressing in real time, so they can intervene most effectively.”

Learning by Questions can be used in a variety of subjects but the Feedback Study focuses on maths and the new mastery approach to which the Government committed £41million in 2016.

Roshan Bapapulle is the Maths Leader at New Regents College, a Pupil Referral Unit in Hackney: “We’re moving towards technology. Learning by Questions frees us to plan better lessons and explore concepts or misconceptions in greater depth.  We’ve used other software programmes but this is different. This gives immediate feedback to our Learners and that’s important for the young people we teach who need that reassurance and focused support.”

Lakshmi Hewavisenti is the Senior Secondary Mathematics Consultant at Hackney Learning Trust: “Unlike other packages that claim to ‘provide rapid feedback’ to students, LbQ also empowers teachers to do just this through a personalised and non-generic process. The software is designed to alert teachers to misconceptions and difficulties as the students face them, allowing for very early intervention to be delivered.

The progression within sets of questions has been thought through very carefully, as have the ease with which teachers can prepare and assess sessions. LbQ is a powerful tool which could effectively complement classroom teaching and really enhance the students’ learning experience.”

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