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Teachers at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta Georgia USA have started using Learning by Questions in their lessons.

The Ron Clark Academy is a highly-acclaimed, non-profit middle school located in Southeast Atlanta. The Academy has received both national and international recognition for its success in educating students with academic rigour, passion, and creativity balanced by a strict code of discipline. Their 5th – 8th grade students represent various socio-economic and academic backgrounds and communities from across the region.

Each year, thousands of educators– teachers, administrators, and school superintendents participate in their educator training programs to learn how to replicate RCA’s style, philosophy and success in their own schools. Those educators return to their classrooms, impacting the lives of 10 million students around the world.

CJ Wallace contacted LbQ to share a few pictures and let us know about her recent experiences of lessons using LbQ Question Sets with instant feedback.

CJ’s lesson involved teaching mathematics to her 6th graders:- 

“We were using the percent of a whole lesson, and the kids just LOVED it! They were so challenged by the reasoning and problem solving questions, that it led to some AMAZING conversations amongst themselves trying to figure them out. They used the feedback to guide their discussion, and came to the solution on their own. They were so excited and felt a huge sense of accomplishment when they got it correct! It was such a remarkable moment that I had to grab my camera and try to capture it! Thank you for giving us the tools to create a memorable lesson!”


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