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One school that has been at the heart of the LbQ project from the very beginning is Masefield Primary in Bolton, Greater Manchester. Year 6 teacher and Deputy Headteacher Andy Done was an exponent of LbQ’s predecessor, Prometheans Activ Expression and has followed our journey as we have evolved the pedagogy to what it has become today.

Staff and students of Masefield have been enthusiastic adopters of LbQ and through a number of joint projects have become woven into our story which is one of huge success and respect, as Andy describes:

“LbQ and Masefield have an excellent relationship and close bond. Both put children at the forefront of everything they do. Our motto is ‘Believe, achieve, succeed’ and LbQ support and enhance this vision and ethos.”

As you may already know, independent studies undertaken by IEE showed an increase in learning by more than 25% in an academic year. But at Masefield Primary, they are finding their results to be even more positive:

“From September 2017 to December 2017, the pupils in my year 6 class have done, on average, a full year’s progress. That is an extra 8 months of learning. One particular pupil who was working below age related expectations at the beginning of the year has made 18 months worth of progress. Huge impacts are being seen and LbQ is responsible for a chunk of this in maths.”

The other aim of LbQ is to reduce the workload of teachers and evolve the dynamics of the modern classroom to evolve ‘teach from the front’ culture into a more mobile, versatile and immersive process. Andy and his team are evidence of that in action:

“LbQ is having a positive impact on workload. As question sets are already made, and can be easily adapted, time is not spent preparing a resource. Instead time can be spent on the teaching and learning. The classroom ethos has also seen an improvement and it is regularly commented by observers how the pupils have a ‘love of learning’.”

The pupils of Masefield Primary have literally played a starring role in spreading the word about LbQ. In August 2017 they took part in a days professional filming, along with their teacher Andy. ‘An x-ray for my class!’ was based on actual comments from staff and pupils at the school. So keen to extol the virtues of LbQ that several of the pupils wanted to be filmed afterwards giving their opinion on the programme.

Here are some of the things pupils at Masefield had to say about LbQ:

“When you get one (a question) wrong, it gives feedback so you are more successful the next time. It’s like having a teacher on my shoulders.” – Evan

“It’s improved my maths ; it allows me to practise things I don’t understand in a fun, engaging and exciting way.” – Naomi

“The teacher tracks our progress so I am working on things I don’t understand, not practising things I already know!” – Olivia

Andy Done and Masefield Primary School have elected to become LbQ Ambassadors which means that in the next 9 months they will be hosting demonstration events with other schools and education leaders, getting ‘first-eyes’ on development of the programme and having a voice in its evolution.

“LbQ has been used to enhance the already outstanding teaching at Masefield and proved a huge success in improving pupils’ attitude toward learning, motivation, progress and attainment. It has revolutionised teaching and learning here.”

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