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On March 7th Mr P visited Masefield Primary School in Bolton to see a demonstration of LbQ with Deputy Head Andy Done and his year 6 class. He couldn’t have timed it better as the whole school was also taking part in a ‘Bake Off’ and the hall was filled with the kind of creations Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry could only dream of.

But it wasn’t the cake Mr P had come to see. Lee Parkinson is a primary school teacher from Manchester who promotes the use of ICT in the classroom. His motto is ‘Tech to raise standards’ but its his empathy for teachers and his humour that has grown his following on social media to over 31K on Twitter and 168K on Facebook.

The lesson demonstration was on perimeters. Mr Done had his class immediately engaged with a “Round the outside, round the outside” dance number and then it was into the question set to see how much the pupils had retained from his earlier teaching.

Mr P was able to see the pupils logging in quickly, moving through the question sets and using their tablet notepads to do working out. Mr Done regularly referred to the results matrix and used the intervention screen to stop the whole class and work together on questions they were finding difficult.

“I really like it.” Said Mr P and immediately signed up to the free Beta Programme. “I’m going to use this with my year 6’s tomorrow morning.”

Mr P had a wonderful tour of the school before heading home to tweet about his experience and heap praise on Masefield Primary School who were wonderful hosts. In his Instagram stories Mr P described LbQ as “potentially the best resource I have ever seen!” and has since run two question sets. We wait with anticipation for his verdict in his popular blog.

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