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The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is a major funder of research and the go to place for accessible summaries of educational research to guide teachers and senior leaders on how to use resources to improve learning outcomes.

Last week Sir Kevan Collins the Chief Executive of EEF visited Tyssen Primary School in Hackney with our Founder Tony Cann CBE to observe teachers using LbQ in a maths lesson. The teachers Jose Fernandez and Claire Marciniak’s lessons used LbQ Question Sets to deliver instant feedback to their pupils via the LbQ App on their tablets. While the pupils were working through the questions and receiving feedback, their teachers viewed a live analysis report highlighting areas for intervention in the lesson. Without the need for marking, the teachers were able to intervene effectively and immediately see the results of their intervention.

Afterwards Sir Kevan said, It was great to see LbQ in action. The approach reflects much of the evidence presented in the EEF’s maths guidance reports particularly the focus on improving the quality of feedback. We know that teacher workload is a huge issue and this innovative use of technology removes much of the burden freeing up the teacher to respond to real time pupil responses. The blend of great technology and personalised teaching is exciting and anyone interested in new ways of working should make a visit and see this in action.”

The day after the visit, Sir Kevan flew to New York to speak at the Best in Class 2018 Sutton Trust Education Conference. In his presentation about what works he was asked about the future of education research. He made the point that in future teachers will be equipped with faster feedback about their teaching as a means of improving effectiveness. We are delighted to hear Sir Kevan’s comments because this is an area that LbQ is striving to develop so that good practice can be shared and scaled up to reach more teachers.

You can see a short out take of Sir Kevan’s presentation here

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