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Every newsletter we like to hear from a teacher. This time we’ve been speaking to a teacher who is now one of our own authors. Rachel has been with us from very early on in the project and has written over 100 question sets covering a range of key stages and subjects, but it’s definitely a team effort – as Rachel explains.

My last teaching experience left me disheartened with the profession. I found I was spending more time marking and writing feedback for my children than I did on any other part of the job. However, by the time the children received the feedback the moment for learning had long passed. I was convinced the system needed to change and though I had no idea how, I made it my mission to do just that. In the meantime, I started my own Theatre School with an aim to help children develop communication skills and confidence, and started to look for another job. That was when I discovered Learning by Questions. The short video on the website really spoke to me. It showed that they understood teachers and all the additional tasks that burden us, preventing us from being effective and passionate educators. It even paid homage to that perpetually cold cup of coffee – no wonder so many teachers are stressed and burned out.

I was intrigued by the challenge Learning by Questions had set themselves but was acutely aware that if they could deliver on their promise it would drastically change the teaching profession.  A few weeks later I was part of the team creating mastery question sets for maths. I’ve never looked back and I am now part of the incredibly enthusiastic Science Content Team. Science is hugely important but it often doesn’t get enough time in our already packed curriculum. As a team we want to make it easier and more accessible for teachers to deliver high-quality science across the curriculum. We have many years of teaching experience behind us that we are using to create new and inventive ways to explore the KS2 science curriculum, by widening the content and offering the pupils exciting new worlds to discover.

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