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Year 3

Multiply Numbers Mentally

Divide Numbers Mentally

Identify, Represent and Estimate Numbers up to 1,000

Year 4

Count in Multiples of 7

Count in Multiples of 9

Recognise the Place Value of Each Digit in a 4-Digit Number

Compare and Order Numbers Beyond 1,000

Year 8

Find the Mean from an Ungrouped Frequency Table

Year 9

Use and Interpret Scatter Graphs

Estimate the Mean from a Grouped Frequency Table

Interpret Frequency Polygons

Find the Mode, Median and Range from a Grouped Frequency Table

Work with Coordinates in All Four Quadrants


Years 2, 3, 4

Apostrophes for Contractions Revision

Years 3, 4

Identifying and Using Adverbs

Year 5-6

Using Commas, Brackets and Dashes for Parentheses

Year 5/6 Tricky Words (Multiple Choice Version)

Years 7, 8, 9

Standard and Non-Standard English


Year 3

Plant Parts Vocabulary

Investigating What Plants Need to Grow

Year 4

Digestion Vocabulary

The Human Digestive System

Types and Functions of Teeth

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