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Beth Collins is the Assistant Head and Year 6 teacher at the Laurels Primary in West Sussex.  When another teacher recommended LbQ on social media, Beth immediately knew she’d found something that would work for her school.  After initially registering as a Beta Programme user Beth and another staff members have now become avid users so we caught up with them to find out why.  

My pupils are from hard backgrounds and I knew that they would love using computers.  I love using computers.  I’d previously worked in a primary school with 800 pupils I knew technology was the way forward, and once the teachers at Laurel Primary saw how easy LbQ was, they all wanted to have a go.

It was the pupil engagement that first caught the attention of the other staff members though.  They saw my class, totally engaged, all the time and the other teachers wanted to know what they were doing.  My class have a very challenging background, some of the children I teach are working on Year2- 3 material, but because I’m able to differentiate in LbQ these children can work happily, alongside their peers, on the same objective, knowing I was keeping an eye on them.  That was really powerful.

Showing my class what I could see on the results matrix really helped them adopt this new way of working.  They understood the concept of teacher as ‘big brother’ and it meant that we could be completely mobile as a class.  Sometimes I’d have children working in different rooms, all over the school – but me and my Teaching Assistant could target those who needed our help.  I have also run live homework sessions for revision, so the students are logging in from miles away and I can see them and support them.  It has blown our traditional teaching methods apart.

We will definitely be using LbQ in the next half term, 2-3 times a week.  Not only is there the curriculum to keep us busy, but I also want my Year 6 kids to be independent, to have a go at working things out for themselves and LbQ encourages that.  It also promotes ‘moving on’.  I have one autistic boy who really struggled to get past a difficult problem.  But if there’s something that is difficult for the whole class, we can stop and look at it together.

LbQ has provided the perfect finish to the year.  I was dreading finding the revision material and photocopying.  My Teaching Assistant is also training to be a teacher and she does some tutoring.  We were both saying “Wow, this is amazing”.

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