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At the Laurels Primary in West Sussex Beth Collins has become an avid user of LbQ.

Beth Collins is the Assistant Head and Year 6 teacher at the Laurels Primary in West Sussex. When another teacher recommended LbQ on social media, Beth immediately knew she’d found something that would work for her school. Beth and another staff members have now become avid users so we caught up with them to find out why.

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Education News

New Maths Hubs for the North West

The Maths Hubs Network, currently comprising 35 Maths Hubs across England, is to be extended to 37 hubs, with the creation, over the next two years, of two new Maths Hubs: one serving central Lancashire, and one serving Cheshire and the Wirral. In addition, in other Maths Hubs in the North of England, leadership capacity will be extended by the appointment of new, school-based Assistant Maths Hub Leads to widen the geographical reach of each hub.

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