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GDPR Learning by Questions cares about your privacy.

You may have heard about some changes to the law coming in on 25th May 2018. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new set of rules being brought in by the Government to protect you and the personal information businesses hold about you.

We have always taken care of our customers’ personal details but the change to the laws has prompted us to further explain about how we use your personal information in our day-to-day operations and how we keep it safe and secure.

We know it is important to keep you informed of our preparations; we want you to feel confident that we are making sure we meet the requirements of the new legislation and more importantly , we meet your expectations.

What we’ve done so far

  • We have looked at all the ways we handle, manage and use your data for our customer operations.
  • We are reviewing and making some changes to our policies to make sure it is absolutely clear about how your personal data is held and used by us.
  • We are making sure everyone working at Learning by Questions understand their role in keeping your personal data safe.

What’s next?

We’ll be in touch again soon to tell you about our Privacy Policy. This will give you more detailed information about how we handle and use your personal data and help you understand your right to that information and how to access it.

If you have an account to log in and use www.lbq.org then we will be in touch with you soon to provide a Data Processing Agreement that sets out the framework for the sharing of personal data between your school and Learning by Questions Ltd.

Find out more

You can view the Privacy Policy on our website where it will be updated before 25th May.

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