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Bett 2018

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Learning by Questions improves education with a pedagogy based on timely feedback and intervention. Our Question Sets result in better learning when used in class for just ten minutes a day.

Students answer questions at their own pace. Wrong answers are always followed by instant feedback. This is constructive in nature and formulated to develop understanding and guide learning. When they answer correctly, students are moved to more challenging questions.

Teachers get immediate insight into where they need to intervene, and feedback and intervention happen in the moment when the impact on learning and progress is greatest.

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Student Success

The emphasis in always on learning not testing. Feedback is designed to help students progress towards mastery at their own pace. The more questions they get right, the more students are advanced to more challenging questions.

Instant Teacher Insight

On their own display, the teacher gets a complete picture of what every student is getting right or wrong plus their answers. This helps support targetted in the moment intervention. All data is stored for later analysis so teachers can also make informed choices about future lessons.

Easy to Use

Our Question Sets save teachers time by reducing lesson prep and the system eliminating marking. They are compatible with a wide-range of commonly available classroom devices including Android tablets, iPads and Windows/Mac OS.

“The children are all engaged, they love using the handsets and I gain instant feedback as to how children are working/their achievements. The resources are instantly available and cover relevant objectives – great!”

English teacher, UK

“I liked the self-paced activity and that I could differentiate the instruction with some of the activities based on where my students were.”

English teacher, USA

“It lets you know who needs help and lets teachers know what you need to work on!”

Student, USA

“Feedback can be given immediately which means children can act on it during the lesson and not after the event.”

Teacher, UK

“I used it for practising certain math skills that had already been taught. The students got a chance to get instant feedback on their accuracy, and this was good for them. So, it can boost confidence as well as give the needed repetition of certain math skills.”

 Math teacher, USA

“It shows exactly how many children understand, for example, the use of commas to punctuate complex sentences. It allows us to group the children accordingly in the main literacy lesson.”

English teacher, UK

“Children became more engaged and excited about the topic they’re learning. Also all children have an opportunity to be involved in the lesson.”

Teacher, UK

“Finally I can use the IT equipment we already invested in more effectively and for the benefit of our pupils. Engaged learning pupils and less stressed staff – what more could I ask for?

 Headteacher, USA

“I think it is fun, thank you! You should give it to other schools because they will like it.”

Pupil, USA

“Allows me to see progress during the lesson so I can support children who are struggling”

Geography teacher, UK

“Fantastic assessment for learning potential. Engaging technology – the children want to use it.”

Teacher, UK

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