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How it Works

Time-saving: Just select a Question Set from our collection and away you go. All of our Question Sets are ready to use alongside existing resources and lesson plans. If you want to personalise the questions or feedback, that’s quick and easy too!

Common devices: In the classroom, students use commonly available devices to connect to a session and then work through questions at their own pace. Some Question Sets take just 10 minutes to complete in class.

Feedback: If students get a question wrong, they instantly receive specific feedback before retrying the question. The emphasis is always on learning not testing! For example, in a Question Set on common exception words for year 2, when students spell because incorrectly, they’ll be reminded of the mnemonic Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants.

Progression: Each Question Set is structured as a progression towards mastery, beginning with questions checking basic understanding, and moving through to fluency, reasoning, and problem solving. The more questions students get right, the more they’re advanced towards more challenging questions. Teachers can follow student progress by looking at the squares in the results matrix: green means correct first time, yellow means correct after retries, red means incorrect and the number of attempts is also shown within each square.

Insight: Teachers can review the learning as it happens via a live display on their own device. This makes it easy to pinpoint specific misconceptions and shows at a glance into who needs help and why. The Question Sets are graded to enable differentiation.

Intervention: Teachers can use their new insights to resolve gaps, address misconceptions or intervene accordingly. This all happens in the moment when students need support the most. The knowledge is also useful for subsequent lesson planning.

Auto-marking: Questions are automatically marked and the data is stored for analysis after class. This contributes to more efficient lesson planning as teachers can prepare with a better sense of what students already understand.

Success: Independent research has shown that students using our Question Sets for ten minutes a day have made an additional 3-4 months progress in a school year compared to students not receiving instant feedback. A new large scale school study will publish its results early in 2017. Reports from teachers are very positive.

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