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Look out for results from the large scale school research study conducted by Edge Hill University on behalf of The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). Students received instant feedback on their handsets during lessons and their performance is being evaluated by the Institute of Education (IoE).

Latest Articles

“Everything I ever learned was from the movies!”

Communications Creative Heather Abela examines LbQ through a film camera lens to see if there’s anything we can learn from the big screen. Text reproduced as it appears in April 2018 Issue Education-Today

New LbQ Maths and English Question Sets added Week 15 April 2018

We are starting to publish our new prototype question sets for English. We look forward to your feedback, and any surveys completed will count towards your total

“The maths teacher ceases to be the bad guy!”

We met Emma Tranter, Second in Maths at Ribblesdale High School, at the beginning of our project. Now, just 5 months on, nearly half of Emma’s low/ middle ability maths group have exceeded their end-of-year targets. We spoke to Emma to find out more

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